My wedding planning journey has always been a part of my plan. As a Williamsburg native, I always knew this is where I was going to do life! Now in my late 20's I can say almost everything has fallen into place, just as planned.

While on most days you can catch me at Starbucks with a latte in my hand and my head in my computer, there is a lot more to me than my #bosslady side. 

I invite you to take a deeper look into this sweet life of mine...

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I live life to the fullest and I see the happiness in just about everything. But there are a few things in this life that are very dear to me and I would not trade to have these things in my life for anything!  Without these things, I don't think my life would be quite as fulfilling as it is.

My hubs. my pup. my family.

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Tristan is truly one of my favorite people in this world. He is brilliant, caring and he loves every part of me. Those who know us, know he is everything that I am not. This is how and why we work so well! He is my support, my rock and the best pup pup dad a girl could ask for!

We met when we were just seventeen and eighteen. Lot's has changed, but over the years we have grown together and our life is better than we both ever imagined it could be.

kind hearted.Brilliant. HANDSOME

Tristan aiken

MY sweet hubby

Meet my family

Barkley has been in our lives since November of 2016! We adopted him at just 8 weeks from a local Save a Lab Rescue.
We joke that fate is what brought us together.
We actually went 3 weeks before we picked up our sweet pup and picked out the puppy we wanted. We chose our baby out of the litter and could hardly wait to bring him home.

The day we went and picked up Barkley we learned that the puppy that we picked out was a female and had already been spoken for. That left us with 3 puppies left to be picked from. There was the runt, a crazy one that seemed to be all over the place and a sweet yet playful puppy in a green collar. 

The one with the green collar, ran up to me...put his paws on my knees and wouldn't walk away. That was it! That was the moment, I knew Barkley was going to be the most spoiled pup around! We took him home and he has been the love of our lives ever since!

Sweet as pie. crazy. adorable.

Our fur baby

we love




My parents are my best friends. They live just 5 minutes from Tristan and I and we see them often. We talk on the phone just about every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Every so often you will see my mom helping me at a wedding and while my dad is never on site, he is usually helping with our fur baby at our home. They have believed in my dream since I was seventeen and taught me that personality gets you far in life as much as your smarts and to never be afraid to jump all in! I am so grateful for their support, their work ethic and for them bringing me back to what matters most, family!

My sister and I have always had opposing views and personalities. But what brings us together is the foundation we both grew up on, our kind hearts and our shared love for our parents and my sister and bro-in-law's perfect babies! I am so thankful that my sister brought Collin and Ainsley into our lives and these kiddos are my everything. 

My world. my happiness.

parents. sister. nephew/niece.


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