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We were just seventeen when I told my now husband, about my dream of owning my own wedding planning business. It would be five years later that Tristan would surprise me with a life changing check for $500 to start my business. After a trip to the bank and knowing nothing about owning a business, Wedding Co. of Williamsburg opened it's doors. 

We began this little biz with just two employees, Tristan and I. He was the accountant/HR Director/handy guy/really anything I needed him for. I was the brains of the operation, Marketing Director, Lead Planner, Assistant Planner, really anything I needed to do to keep the business running. 

By the fall of 2016, I was making plans to leave my corporate job and to finally live out my dream. May 9, 2017 was my last day of working for someone else. I set some seriously high goals for myself. I hoped to hit six figures and create a wedding planning team within 5 years. Within 10 months I hit my five year goals. 

With a lot of passion and whole lot of luck, I am now living my best life!

on high school love, a pipe dream and a $500 check

wedding co. of williamsburg was founded

This little biz of ours includes 3 lead planners, 1 virtual assistant, 5 assistant planners and 1 intern! We take what we do very seriously, but once all the important details are taken care of, we like to have a little fun like anyone else! 

We believe that every couple should be a guest at their own wedding! And by hiring our team, we allow you to do just that! 

I want you to plan the wedding of your dreams all while being educated on the best decisions for you and your budget. Together, we can make this happen for you girl!

I'm jess aiken

Educator, firefighter wife, pup pup mom and wedding planner

Simply put, wedding planning is tough ya'll! Whether it's Pinterest telling you that you can afford the peonies that are extremely pricey and not always in season or a local vendor telling you this is normally what is included, it's overwhelming!

At Wedding Co. we get how frustrating it can be to figure out where to even start in the first place. That is why we have grounded our roots into the  Williamsburg, Virginia market and learned everything there is to know about planning a Williamsburg, Virginia wedding! 

The struggle is real girl, but we are here to help you get started!

I understand the struggles

and it's real ya'll!

Whether you are here to get FREE resources on #allthingsweddingplanning or you are here to learn about our wedding packages and what we do, we're so glad you popped by! 

We will educate you on all things you need to know to stay within budget, while keeping in mind your wants, your needs and your must haves.

With warm hearts and open ears, we're here to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

let's get you planning your 

dream wedding

Planning the biggest day of your life
is only the beginning of your adventure

- unknown

Hey Love! I've been in the industry for over fourteen years, executing weddings in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. I'm a Williamsburg native, turned wedding planner. 

I am a firefighter wife, pup pup mom and weddings are my passion! Most days you will find me in an oversized sweatshirts with my favorite jeans with a latte in hand. Yep, i'm so basic!

As the Owner, I have a hand in every wedding that comes through our doors but personally, I take on 8-10 partial and full coordination weddings a year.

I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your wedding vision! 


owner, lead planner & designer



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Hey girl! I came to Williamsburg from the windy city of Chicago. There, I served as an assistant wedding planner to one of Chicago's premiere event companies. 

Before I got settled into my Virginian life, I planned a few weddings for family and friends and soon after arriving here I landed a position as a lead wedding and event coordinator for Kingsmill Resort. Craving the deeper connection with brides I contacted Wedding Co. and Jess says "I was the perfect fit." <- her words not mine!

After two years of planning & executing weddings for the Wedding Co. Team, my husband got out of the Navy and we relocated back to Chicago. Jess couldn't let me go, so I have since stayed on as Wedding Co.'s Virtual Assistant. Now I'm handling all the day to day, back-end things for Jess and step in when Jess can't for all our Wedding Co. brides. 

When i'm not planning or working a wedding you will find me spending time with my family (my fur baby, Maple and my human baby who is adorable, named Wyatt), cooking, or online shopping! I am Wedding Co.'s reality TV guru and I live for celebrity gossip!




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Hey!  I previously served as Director of Events for a large wedding venue in rustic Prince George County, Virginia. I have a diverse background in event planning and an intimate knowledge of the attention to detail needed to deliver on complex events of any size. I excel at working closely with my clients to create very personal and unique events. 

Though i'm a Florida girl at heart, I have fallen in LOVE with Virginia after moving here four years ago with my husband, Clay and our two beautiful daughters, Logan and Caroline. I have traded the sandy shores of Florida for the trails of the Blue Ridge where me and my family can often be found hiking and camping (unless its football season, Go Noles)!

I assist on wedding day management packages and partial packages. I personally take on 10-12 weddings a year.

I can't wait to meet you!

Lead planner



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Hey There!  Weddings and Events have always been a passion of mine. I joined Wedding Co. in 2018 as an Assistant Wedding Planner. I assisted on as many weddings as I could. I also landed a dream job at an event venue locally where I got to serve as the venue coordinator. After a year-and-a-half on the team, I found out Jess was hiring another Lead Planner. The rest was history! 

When I'm not working weddings, you will find me and my husband, Andy with our fur baby, Ethel out enjoying good food and local craft beers. 

I assist on wedding day management packages and I personally take on 10-12 weddings a year.

I can't wait to meet you!

Lead planner



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We're made up of 3 lead planners, 5 wedding day assistants, 1 virtual assistant and 1 intern. Our small, but mighty team is taking Williamsburg Weddings to a whole new level each weekend. Our southern charm, knowledge of the area and strong work-ethics have allowed us to become the top, premiere wedding planning company in Williamsburg, Virginia. 



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My passion for people and my knack for attempting to organize everything in my life and others led me to this career path as a senior in high school. I just knew Williamsburg was where I was going to end up in life. I landed my first job in the wedding industry in August of 2006, working for a Williamsburg based wedding planning company. Every chance I could, I came home from College and assisted on weddings. I soon found myself dreaming of the day when I owned my own planning business and was executing dream weddings. 

Little did I know this reality was just at my finger tips and somehow my life was going on the exact path I needed to make my dream come true. After graduating from James Madison University in May of 2010 (go dukes!) I packed my bags and relocated back to Williamsburg where it all started. After months of unsuccessful job hunting I finally landed a position at a local event rentals company. Ya'll, this was honestly by the grace of God and I attribute a lot of my knowledge to this job. I worked for an incredible local who seemed to know every caterer, venue and important person within the community. I established many relationships and learned everything there was to know about tents, tables, chairs and linens! 

Within less than a year of working at this company, I received a call from Kingsmill Resort. They were looking for a lead wedding planner for their Resort.
When Kingsmill called, I was just twenty-one years old. I had a Bachelors Degree in Communications, an internship and 9 months of real life experience. I had no idea why or how in the world they thought I was qualified for the job, but I am so glad someone on the other end of that phone believed in me. I started my career at Kingsmill in January 2011.The next year was a whirlwind. I met an incredible group of ladies and that year we executed 60+ weddings and brought in over 1 million dollars worth of business.

In July of 2012, I came home to a check for $500 written out to me. The check was from Tristan, who I had been dating since I was seventeen. To my surprise, he had been researching what needed to be done in order for me to open my business. He asked me to take his $500 investment to the bank and match it. With a trip to the bank, 2 checks for $500 and a business name, Wedding Company of Williamsburg was officially opened for business.

For the next six years, I hustled hard trying to balance being a newlywed (yep, Tristan and I got married after 9 years together), a pup pup mom, a full-time job, and trying to grow my business! In May of 2017 I traded in my heels and cute dresses for jeans, oversized t-shirts and slippers and left my corporate job to be a full-time boss lady! When I left I had two goals. Goal #1: To grow my business into a team. Goal #2: Make six figures or more doing what I love. I wrote this down in hopes that I would hit this goal within five years. With a ton of drive, support and a whole lotta luck, I was able to hit my five year goals within 10 months of leaving my corporate job!

Now Wedding Company of Williamsburg, serves more than 30 couples a year, executing their big day in the Williamsburg, Virginia area and consists of 12 team members.

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We are obsessed with pups at Wedding Co. and we believe everyone with a precious baby should have them in their wedding! Learn how you can have your baby in your wedding!

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Hear how our love story has evolved over the last fourteen years. We like to think it's the greatest love story this little town has ever seen.

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 Meet our sweet pup, Barkley! He is Wedding Co.'s mascot, our son and our whole life! He is also the reason why I can't hold office hours unless he is at playcare!

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