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I am a Williamsburg native turned wedding planner. This quaint little town of mine is my happy place. I am a firefighter wife, pup pup mom and lover of all things southern.

I draw my inspiration from natural elements, modern farmhouse decor, romantic florals and candlelight. I also believe in Southern Hospitality and think it is the key to success in this business!

I am so grateful for each day that I live out my dream of doing what I love; forming relationships and making couples dreams come true!



Next Chapter: How it started

My passion for people and my knack for attempting to organize everything in my life and others led me to this career path as a senior in high school.

I just knew Williamsburg was where I was going to end up in life. I landed my first job in the wedding industry in August of 2006, working for a Williamsburg  based wedding planning company. Every chance I could, I came home from College and assisted on weddings. I soon found myself dreaming of the day when I owned my own planning business and was executing dream weddings. 

Little did I know this reality was just at my finger tips and somehow my life was going on the exact path I needed to make my dream come true.


It All Started 

Next Chapter: Life after college

After graduating from James Madison University in May of 2010 (go dukes!) I packed my bags and relocated back to Williamsburg where it all started. 

After months of unsuccessful job hunting I finally landed a position at a local event rentals company. Ya'll, this was honestly by the grace of God and I attribute a lot of my knowledge to this job. I worked for an incredible local who seemed to know every caterer, venue and important person within the community. I established many relationships and learned everything there was to know about tents, tables, chairs and linens! 

Within less than a year of working at this company, I received a call from Kingsmill Resort. They were looking for a lead wedding planner for their Resort...

james madison

life after

Next Chapter: The Resort life

When Kingsmill called, I was just twenty-one years old. I had a bachelors degree in communications, an internship and 9 months of real life experience. I had no idea why or how in the world they thought I was qualified for the job, but I am so glad someone on the other end of that phone believed in me. I started my career at Kingsmill in January 2011.

The next year was a whirlwind. I met an incredible group of ladies and that year we executed  60+ weddings and brought in over 1 million dollars worth of business. 

While I loved every minute of it, I felt like something was missing. I missed the connections with the couples and getting to work with them on every aspect of their wedding day. I quickly realized if I wanted to make this dream of mine work, the time was now.

Resort life


Next Chapter: the $500 check

In July of 2012, I came home to a check for $500 written out to me. The check was from Tristan, who I had been dating since I was seventeen. 

To my surprise, he had been researching what needed to be done in order for me to open my business. He asked me to take his $500 investment to the bank and match it. 
With a trip to the bank, 2 checks for $500 and a business name, Wedding Company of Williamsburg was officially opened for business.

Six years later, we are a team of 10 including 4 lead wedding planners, 2 assistants and 4 interns. On average we execute 25-35 weddings a year and have become well-known in the area for "the wedding planning company of Williamsburg."

$500 check


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Wedding Company of Williamsburg was built on the foundation of providing a southern hospitality experience. When you work with us you will receive a warm and welcoming, wedding planning experience that feels like home. With over twelve years of being submerged into the Williamsburg wedding industry, the planners at Wedding Co. have vast knowledge of the venues and surrounding vendors that the area has to offer. 

Over the last year, we have implemented easy, online dashboard systems that allow us to provide a service catered to each clients authentic needs. We pride ourselves on providing a stress-free wedding planning experience, filled with a little fun along the way. Together we will take your vision and make it come to reality all within your budget.

As the premiere Williamsburg wedding planning company, we will ensure that you and your VIP's feel like guests at your own wedding. 

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