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Our job as wedding planners is to make your planning process fun, as stress-free as possible and within budget, all while executing your vision! We do this by learning all about you as a couple and your story. Understanding your priorities as well as your budget priorities will allow us to guide and educate you on making the best decisions throughout your wedding planning experience. 

We do this by using our online dashboard systems in place. For couples who live locally or who are in town, we like to meet with you over coffee (Starbucks, of course) and chat through your inspiration, your priorities, your budget and the vendors that you have an interest in already or who have already booked. If you are a destination couple, we utilize a program called Crowdcast for your initial consultation. This program is an online video dashboard where up to four people can be on screen at once. The entire meeting is recorded and you can revisit it anytime. 

Our hope is that in our FREE consultation meeting, you will learn a little bit more about us as well as how we can best assist you on your wedding day! 

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Each wedding package has a workflow of how and when things will occur throughout your wedding planning experience. But each package begins with the same experience. We invite you to learn more about our process below.

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Meet with Jess and the potential planner that you will be working with over coffee or a video chat via Crowdcast. In this hour long FREE consultation, we want to see your Pinterest board, hear about your venue and your vendors as well as your love story and your vision.

We will wrap up the meeting with a quick discussion about our packages. 

Within a week of your consultation, we will follow up to see what questions you may have and see if you would like to move forward.



Once you have decided that you would like to move forward with Wedding Co. as your wedding planner, we will send you a contract. The contract will come via an online system called, 17 HATS. You will have the ability to sign off electronically. Once the client signs, we countersign and get that copy back to you.

An invoice for 50% of the wedding package fee will be sent electronically following the contract and will be due within 2 weeks of signing the contract. 

The Business stuff

Once all the boring business stuff is handled, we will send you a welcome letter and next steps and you are part of our family, just like that! At this time, you will also receive access to your Aisle Planner Dashboard. This is where things will differ from couple to couple. 

Based on the wedding package you choose, you will have access to certain items within the dashboard system. This system keeps every little detail of your wedding planning needs all in one place. The best part is, it's virtual and you can share it with anyone you would like as well as provide limited access should you not what everyone to see everything!

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