You've been in business for awhile, but this life isn't the way you envisioned it

you feel like you aren't charging enough and you wonder how the heck some of these planners charge what they charge

you feel like you aren't getting the clientele you want to work with on a consistent basis

You feel like you are making money, but where the heck is it all going? or maybe you aren't making enough yet, and you wonder how do you get there? 

Your working harder and harder but the results you thought you would have aren't coming  

yes! how do i have the biz i want? 

the planner's experience

January 24-26, 2020


WITH jess aiken, wedding company of williamsburg

Fourteen years ago I had the dream of owning my own wedding planning business and taking over the wedding industry in my hometown. With a lot of determination, support from my fam and luck, I started my business when I was just 23. Now, we are a successful, six-figure wedding planning business executing 30-40 weddings a year with a team made up of 10 employees. 

In the first six years of having my business, I balanced life, the biz and a very demanding full-time job! I look back now and have no idea how I did it, but somehow I mustered up the energy each day to do it. 

When I went full-time with the biz, I dreamed of having the flexibility again to have a personal life, working a little less and making more money. I only got 1 of those 3, more money. It took me over 2 years to figure out the systems that needed to be in place to give me back my life and now I want to share them with YOU!

meet your host

jess aiken

Simply put, the wedding industry is tough ya'll! And if you aren't careful, it can consume you. Our hours are nights,weekends and days. Our clients typically can only chat with us at their convenience. And if you aren't quick to respond these days, you lose that potential client super quickly. 

If you are like I was, you are probably hearing all the cheers from the sidelines but inside your screaming, praying for the day you can be in yoga pants with an oversized t-shirt on with a latte in hand being the boss lady that you know you are meant to be. <- my life everyday! You're also probably wishing you could spend time with your fam, take on less weddings and make more money too.

The struggle is real, but i'm here to help!

I understand the struggles

and it's real ya'll!

Our planners experience is unlike any education opportunity you've had. Imagine staying in a house with 4 other wedding planners sharing their stories, their hearts and their business models. 

Each session will be hands-on. This is not a watch and learn experience. This is, get out your laptops, show me your numbers and let's work together to make your business the biz you've been dreaming it could be!

With warm hearts and open ears, we're here to help you become the company you've been dreaming of becoming!

let's get you to living your 

best life

significant numbers

How long Jess has been in the wedding planning industry

How many years Jess has owned her wedding planning business 

How many years Jess has been full-time with her biz




The amount of years Jess balanced a full-time job and running a wedding planning business

Jess has executed over 200 weddings with her business 



The amount of employees Jess manages on her team

The average number of weddings Wedding Co. of Williamsburg executes a year

We are a six-figure business 



6 fig.

The number of packages Wedding Co. of Williamsburg has for clients to choose from 

The dollar amount the business opened with



it's about giving you a personal life 

while making incredible strides in your business that YOU've only dreamed of

the planners experience

Get ready for an educational experience unlike any you have had before. Our 3-day Planner's Experience includes your stay, all three meals + snacks and a one-on-one experience diving deep into your wedding business. 

This is not an experience where you will sit on the sidelines and get a couple questions in. This is a take out your laptop and let's dive into your business together kind of experience. 

I want you to have your life back! I want you to charge prices you never thought you could. I want you to have automations in place, so whether you have a team, or you personally just want your life back, your business runs itself! 

product features



your stay

We will be staying in a gorgeous Air b n' b located just 1 mile 
from the well-known venue, Pippin Hill in Charlottesville, VA.  

your meals

Breakfast, lunch, dinner along with snacks/drinks
all day are included in your overall price

diving into your biz

Bring your laptop, your numbers and your business
model! We will be working together during each session to talk through
YOUR business and your goals. 

Intimate retreat

Were limiting this intimate experience to just 4
wedding planners. This will provide the intimate retreat you've been
looking for and allow you to get the most out of this experience.

Workflows & Templates

You're going to get access to Jess's exact templates and workflows
she uses in her business.


Not only will Luke and Ashley Photography be joining us to take
headshots for each of us, but they will also be teaching us all about
email lists & marketing to your dream clients 

See the full list of details included

what will you learn?

*a mastermind setting with four other boss ladies just like you with the opportunity to learn from them and bounce off ideas from the group

*Diving into your business numbers and getting a true understanding for what your packages cost, what you need to make to be successful and how to plan out your year

*Learn how to build and cultivate vendor relationships to up-level your business 

*Access to Jess's real workflows and templates that she personally uses within her business 

*A deep dive into adding employees. We're going to chat all about paying them, how to classify them and even how to train them so they can represent your company

*Identifying your ideal client and learning how to market to them every time

*How to make the money you deserve while not working so dag-on hard

*Learn how to get your email marketing on track with guest speakers, Luke and Ashley Photography

January 24-26, 2020

we're staying in 
a luxury air b n b house
just 1 mile from Pippin Hill in
Charlottesville, VA. 
3 of the 4 attendees will have
a shared room.

for those traveling, Richmond Airport is the largest airport close to the Charlottesville area

there will be a facebook group for you to ask questions and for us to get to know one another

all 3 meals + snacks are included in the price

we will have a little fun too with a visit to pippin hill one evening

and the real reason your there is to learn. 3 days of sessions, headshots & guest speakers Luke and Ashley Photography are included

the planner's experience

January 24-26, 2020


tickets on sale until December 1, 2019

shared room ticket
(just 2 left)

single room ticket (only 1)



*hold your spot for just $797 today

*hold your spot for just $697 today

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hold my spot

*final full payment is due by December 31, 2019

*final full payment is due by December 31, 2019