I am a wedding planner, educator for #allthingswedding and mentor. 

I know what it's like to work a full-time job and run your wedding business as a side biz! I have had my breakdowns screaming "I can't keep up anymore!" I have hit rock bottom, praying and hoping to make enough money in the wedding industry so I can go full-time. I get it....you dream of making your wedding biz a success, and I'm here to support you in getting there!

My wild journey includes twelve years of working in the Williamsburg event industry, six years of balancing a full-time corporate job  while running my wedding planning business and leaving my corporate job to go full-time with my biz. Now with a team of 4 lead planners, 3 wedding assistants and multiple interns, my business is more successful than I ever dreamed it could be. I want to share my story with planners just like YOU and help you achieve your dreams and help you grow your business to a six-figure business....

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meet jess

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educator. Planner. mentor

Southern. Elegant. timeless.

LOVER OF #allthingswedding

williamsburg • virginia

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