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September 2006 was a monumental time in my life. It's when I met the man I would one day marry.
Tristan and I's story of how we met sounds like a true country love song. 

He was the handsome, mysterious, volunteer firefighter who always seemed to keep to himself.
I was the vibrant, southern-belle that always seemed to be the life of the party.
Somehow, our lives collided on that fateful fall day and I am forever grateful. 

September 2006
The county was hosting it's annual county fair. Being that my best friend's family were members of the local fire department, it was nothing for me to be around the firefighters at events like this. We headed over to the fire trucks when I noticed this handsome, tall guy standing outside of the fire engine. Being the outgoing person I was, I walked up to him and introduced myself. Three hours later, I was still talking and somehow he continued to listen. As the evening came to an end, Tristan proceeded to ask me for my number and asked me if I wanted to ride back to the station on the engine (I mean c'mon...what seventeen year old girl is not going to melt at that!). I rode back with him and that was the beginning!

Five years later, the unpredictable would happen. We finally ended our long distance relationship and began attending JMU together. But our relationship would soon end. In April of 2009, Tristan and I's country love song came to an end. The next year and a half of my life was a blur and I tend to forget a lot of what happened in the course of that time. 

November 2011
Tristan contacted me out of the blue. He asked me if I would come over for dinner and see his new place. Being that my heart fluttered, just seeing his name on the screen after all that time, I felt like I had to hear what he had to say. We enjoyed a nice dinner and caught up on each other's lives. Before I left, Tristan asked me if he could take me somewhere. That somewhere was where our love story first began. 

Tristan drove me out to the park that the fair had previously been hosted at and told me that I was the love of his life and that he knew I was the one that he would one day marry. 

We left that park that night and I knew, life would be different now. We were going to live out the rest of our love story! It was 3 years later that I would marry Tristan, in the same month that he took me back to that park! 

Present Day
Fast forward to the present day and we have over thirteen years of history, we're proud pup pup parents and we are living out our dream careers. While we don't know what the future holds for us, we know that we have our love story, which we think is the greatest love story of all!

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